Once upon a time there lived a doll made from salt. This salt doll, infused with a curious restlessness, searched far and wide for something it couldn’t quite name. It wandered all across the land, for so long it very often forgot it was searching for anything at all. But still, the salt doll went on, travelling far and wide, fueled by this hidden desire.

Then one day, it happened upon a golden shore, a beautiful beach sparkling under a shining sun. Except, it had never seen an ocean before, so it didn’t know quite what to make of the gently rolling surface, and the white foam breaking against the sand. Cautiously approaching the ocean, the salt doll said “Excuse me, I’ve never seen anything like you before. Could you tell me what you are?” The ocean just laughed and replied “Well, that’s a bit hard to say, you’ll just have to come in and see for yourself.”

The salt doll wasn’t sure it trusted this ocean, and felt a bit afraid. It was tempted to turn around and head back the way it had come, but something gave it pause. Perhaps it was that restlessness it felt and an unacknowledged commitment to follow wherever it led, or perhaps it was just curiosity. But whatever the reason, the salt doll began walking into the sea.

As it walked, more and more of the salt doll dissolved into the ocean until there was only a small bit poking up above the water. And just as the last of the salt doll disappeared below the waves it exclaimed in wonder and surprise, “Oh, now I know who I am!”

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